Thursday, January 26, 2012

Class of 2012

As of January, 11 young men and women have dedicated the next 8 months "to know God  and make Him known." 
We kicked of this year off with a "Face to Face" retreat with God. Meeting our creator with nothing in the way. These 11 students have laid down their rights and have put the will of God before their own.

Above meet our 1st year class
Marius, Bogdan, Ionut 
Naomi, Estera & Lidia

Below meet our 2nd year class.
Oana, David and Autumn

And last but not least our Missionary Assistants
Bianca and Jonathan

We all have high expectations for this year. One thing that God has put on Pastor Florin's heart is expanding our territory. Knowing that what God has done this far is just the very beginning.
 We're setting no limits, no boundaries. Where God leads, we will follow.

Relentlessly following Christ!
MCR 2012

Friday, April 29, 2011

The March of Madness

Tour of Romania
"Nimic Fara Dumnezeu"

This March Master's Commission Romania prepared for our first tour across Romania. The theme was Nimic Fara Dumnezeu (Nothing Without God). We went to 6 different church's, sharing what God laid on our hearts.

 People in the church today forget about the cost our forefathers had to pay to serve God. Many were tortured, beat, family members taken from them or killed for Christ.  Today we forget, we want the "normal" christian life... we want to stay in the confines of our home, seldom going out of our way to do anything for Christ. Sure we love to attend church, we have all the particulars down to a "T" but in our hearts we are content with where we are. Something is wrong. Something must change. We cannot just live for Jesus on Sunday. We HAVE to bring Him into everyday, every area of our lives. We have to do Nothing Without God!!! Today many of us are not faced with the choice to die for Christ but we are faced with the challenge to LIVE for Christ and live fully. Will you live a life with or without Him? This is the message we brought on Tour, this is what we want to accomplish in our own lives as well.

We are not finished with this tour yet but last month we had the privilege of Crossroads Master's Commission joining us kick off Tour. What amazing things God has done so far! XMC was here for two weeks and in those two weeks we were able to share the gospel with over 920 people and 57 of these gave their hearts to Christ!!! Praise God!
Some of the ministry we were able to do besides church services were:

Food distribution- We went to a gypsy village where there are 30-35 homes (The same village we gave blankets to in December). Many of these families did not have food and if they did they had very little. God opened the hearts of the people in this village and since March we have started doing Micro Kidz on a weekly basis there. The children and parents are so hungry for the word because they cannot read it for themselves.

Micro Kidz- We had again had over 100 kids attend. It is amazing how attentive these children are and how eager to learn.  In a country where over 40,000 children are abandoned and put in orphanages or institutes and 350,000 have parents who have left the country to work, ministering to children is one of the biggest needs. They need to know about there saviour but also need to be shown love and learn life skills. 

Women's Home- All the MC's ladies visited a Home for girls who were rescued from sex-trafficking.  The girls were very receptive. There were a total of 11 girls in the home at the time. The youngest was 13 and the oldest 25. The women who runs this home has asked us to come back and to help her in training the girls and teaching them about what it is to be a woman, a treasure not a tool. We will go once a month to this Home. We thank God for the doors He has opened for us! 

Here were just the highlights of March. Keep checking back for more updates on what God is doing here in Romania!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Beginning

It's has been exactly three months today since Master's Commission started here in Romania!
What an amazing three months it has been. God has shown us so much favor in such a short amount of time. We wanted to just to give you a quick update on a few things that God has begun.

December was the first month of Master's Commission Romania (MCR).  We began seeking God on what we should do to reach the people here in Romania. So we started with the basics...

  • Street Evangelism -  We went after the "one" that Jesus talks about in Luke 15:7 (NIV)- "I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent." We were able to minister to 32 people and 3 of these gave their lives to Christ!
  • Food Distribution- We partnered with a Foundation called Fundatia Inima Deschisa Petru Romania to hand out 90 bags of food to less fortunate families. 
  • Covered with Love- God put on Florin's (MCR Director) heart to talk with the church congregation about donating blankets that we in turn would give to the poorest people here in Targoviste.  The purpose was to cover them with the warmth of a blanket (in below freezing weather) and to also offer to them to be covered in the everlasting love of God.
    • God had a specific place in mind when we began to hand them out. God had showed me (Elisabeth) a gypsy village on the out skirts of town. This village had 30 families living in very bad conditions. Once we pulled up to this village God directed us to a specific home. This home was very small and had what looked like 2 rooms. Three families lived in this home and one of the families had 9 children. We were able to bless this family with blankets and a few bags of food we had left over from the food distribution.

  • Micro Kidz- Our first ever Micro Kidz was in a village called Ludesti. We had over 91 kids sign-in not including the little ones that slipped by, older siblings and parents that attend.  We played games with the kids, had dramas, worship and bible lessons. They asked us to stay longer and do more. We look forward to returning to Ludesti soon!

  • Women's Event- The MCR ladies put together a special night for women.  God put it on the girls heart to name it "A Knight For A Princess." Over 30 women attended. We prepared lots of treats, had a time of worship, and Niki shared a powerful testimony. Megan Dean brought a challenge for the women to make Jesus there "Knight in shining armor" and to not let anything take His place.  Some of the women who attended never came to church before so it was their first time hearing about God's love. We all left filled and refreshed! :D
  • Old Folks Home- When we first visited this old folks home, we found a woman who no one had come to see in seven years! Sadly we weren't allowed to stay long to visit, we left them with small gifts. This did not stop us. We went back and brought chocolates for the directors and the elderly. We were able to stay much longer this time, by God's favor only, to spend time with them and to show God's love. By the time we left they we calling us their children and inviting us to return again soon. One of the men started to cry once when we began to leave. He had be a professor and lost his son and wife at a young age. We felt honored to have to the opportunity to minister to them. By God's grace we will return there.
Currently, we are trying to do Micro Kidz on a much larger scale. We have to have a permit to do Micro Kidz in the city limits. We are in the process of getting permission from the Major to have access to pretty much any place in Targoviste. Please join with us in prayer in asking God for favor with the governing authorities.

These are just a few of the things things that God has allowed us to do! It would have been to much to share about everything like; Christmas Gifts for Children, Youth Nights, Guys Night, Serving in other Church's, one-on-one discipleship... 

Thanks again for your prayers!